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Price List

* Factors and conditions such as extreme matting, temperamental pets, multiple pets, special customer requests and size of animal, can influence the price of service, so please understand that the following price list reflects approximations, and that is why a range of prices is set. Every pet is different, and each pet owner has different demands. Also, as with almost any product or service, everything is negotiable, so talk to us and we will find a way to come to a mutually agreeable understanding!

Each "groom" includes bath with choice of shampoo and conditioner, brush-out and blow-dry, ears cleaned and ear-hair removed(if applicable), anal (scent) glands expressed if necessary, nails clipped and/or sanded smooth, hair removed between paw pads, sanitary trim, and then whatever clipping, styling, and/or scissoring is requested. The second price posted (in parentheses) is for a simple "bath and tidy" or "bath and brush", which includes all of the above except for the clipping, styling, and/or scissoring. (The above criteria is slightly different for cats)

Shih-tzu, Lhasa, Maltese, Yorkie, Havanese - $45 and + ($35+)

Standard Poodle, Designer Poodle - $85 and + ($55+)

Mini Poodle - $60 and + ($50+)

Toy Poodle - $45 and + ($35+)

Golden Retriever, Shepherd, Aussie, etc. - $65 and + for shave-down ($50+)

Schnauzer (lg), Cocker - $55 and + ($45+)

Chow - $60 and +

Small short-haired dog - $35 and +

Medium short-haired dog - $45 and +

Large short-haired dog - $50 and +

Cat - $50 and +

(please inquire for any breed not listed)